Manulife Super Visa Medical Insurance

Manulife- Super Visa Insurance is a policy that provides full coverage for the medical expenses if an illness or accident is faced by the people who are not Canadian residents (family of friends outside the country) as they are not covered under Canadian provincial Health Insurance plans.

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Personal Details

Plan Details


  • - Be a visitor to Canada under a valid visa
  • - You must not be eligible under the Canadian provincial Health Insurance plans
  • - You must not be travelling against the advice of your physician to not travel
  • - You should not be suffering from any terminal disease
  • - You must not be below 30 days or above 85 years of age (69 years of age) for getting $150,000 Emergency Medical Coverage
  • - You must require any assistance to perform daily living activities

Additional Information:

  • - Coverage is valid for 365 days
  • - Insurance application can be made before or after reaching Canada but on the effective date the policy holder has to be in Canada only

Emergency Hospital/Medical Insurance


  • - Emergency Medical Attention: Hospital room or semi-private room or ICU as required
  • - Paramedical Services: by licenced physicians, maximum expense up to $500 Ambulance
  • - Diagnostic Services: excludes MRI, CAT, ultrasound and biopsies
  • - Dental Treatment: Maximum coverage of $300(general pain) or coverage of $4,000 (accidental injury)
  • - Death Related Expenses: Maximum $3,000 for preparing the body to be transported back home plus return to home in the container plus up to $3,000 for burial of the body on the place of death
  • - Expense for Return to Home: Economy class fare and cost of air ambulance
  • - Family/Friend to Bedside:Maximum coverage of $3,000 (round trip air-fare) plus $300for hotel and meals
  • - Childcare: Up to $100 per day to a maximum of $300 per trip

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance


  • - $50,000 for an injury that results into death
  • - $25,000 for an injury that causes blindness (complete/partial) to one eye
  • - If the policy holder meets more than one accidents, the claim is applicable for the one which entitles you to the largest benefit amount

Optional Trip interruption Insurance

Its an optional plan that provides the policy holder coverage for an individual trip.


  • - $1,500 for single coverage or $5,000 for family coverage
  • - Maximum $300 per day for up to 2 days for additional and unplanned hotel and meal expenses
  • - One way economy class air fare
  • - You and your companion emergency medical conditions or death
  • - Emergency hospitalization for the ones who is your host during your trip

How to Make Claim:

  • - One can make a claim due to illness or injury during the trip, by calling the Assistance Centre
  • - If the policy holder doesn’t call at the Assistance Centre before availing the medical treatment, he/she would have to pay 20% of the medical expenses.
  • - Claim must be sent to the insurance company within 90 days
  • - Original receipts, bill and invoices
  • - Medical records by the attending physician

Refund Policy:

  • - 100% refund, if the policy has been cancelled before the effective date.
  • - Refund for the unused days of the policy, in case the policy holder obtains the Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan or returns home before the scheduled date and no claim was made during this period (proof of date when the policy holder actually returns home needs to be submitted)
  • - Partial refund, if you hold a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa and you are leaving Canada forever.
  • * No refund for Trip Interruption Insurance after the effective date, side trips or Tip breaks