Personal Health Insurance

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The costs of additional health care sometimes add an unexpected financial burden on you and your family.  Whether you want to prevent health issues by having the best care or you need medical coverage for unpredicatble health problems than a personal insurance cover is a must.

Whilst the health-care system in Canada covers the basics, including primary care physicians and hospitals, many other services are not covered.  Dental services, optometrists, and prescription medications are typically not inclded and would require personal health insurance coverage.

Why should you consider a personal health insurance?

  • If you do not have health cover through your eomployee contract
  • You would like to have additional benefits
  • If not covered by a publicly funded program

When choosing your insurance plan, one needs to understand various factors. For example, should the plan include prescription coverage? A female of childbearing age is more likely to opt for a plan that covers pre-natal visits.

Whatever your needs Maxxlife Finanicial Inc possesses the necessary knowledge and expertese to be able to find the right plan for you and your family.