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Posted by support@maxlife on August 10,2015

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The Party of Your After-Life: Funeral Insurance

“Do not pity the dead. Pity the living”

The phrase seems to easily adapt to the idea of a life insurance. The loss of a person is beyond measurable in money terms  for the family & friends related to the one who leaves them but any person who wishes to relieve the pain by buying an insurance on his life sorts of believe in it. He doesn’t pity his death but wishes that his closed ones can still live a better life. Ironical it is.

Now people are getting more aware and not only buying a life insurance but also Funeral
Insurance. It helps the cost related to ones’ burial and other activities so that they are paid to the nominated beneficiaries. It makes the cremation easier and not perturbed for the people left behind. Many people can’t bear or pay the whole cost at once  because of the sky high rates  for a coffin, flowers, transport, and the service  and let us not talk about how funeral directors work. It is funny that people buy them not for themselves but for other people mostly.

“It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.” 

The demise of a loved one is undoubtedly traumatic experience and every single details and decisions is required in organising a funeral.  Families don’t always have the instant cash to meet these costs and it typically takes a while before the assets of the estate are distributed. It is possible to see how it causes friction between family members as someone has to pay for the funeral. It’s better to provide them with the cash. Never a burden, before or after.

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Funeral Insurance is something which can reduce the burden or pressure of a family in an emotional time. The grieving families can face much difficulty by arranging thousands of dollars at short notice. When applying for an insurance policy you will need to select the cover option that will suit both your budget, as well as the benefit you would like to have paid out.   You are also able to take out policies which cover your partner and children until they reach the age of 21 (they will need to be financially dependent on you).

Before pre-planned death “After all to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

All humans have a fear of death, because we doubt what may come after this life is finished.  Is there an afterlife, or is this it? Perennial philosophy teaches us that the overwhelming consensus of human thought and religion points to the reality of an afterlife.

The type and level of cover available will depend on who the insurer is. There will be variations in what they cover, minimum and maximum cover, how much the premiums are and how premium payments are scheduled, which is why you need to compare products offered by various companies   to get the right deal.

The “Tale of the Three Brothers” from Beadle The Bard tells us how one cant cheat death but accept it with peace of mind as a long lost brother or let death take you for its own.