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Posted by support@maxlife on August 10,2015

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Super Visa Medical Insurance For Parents

All the individuals who are visiting Canada to meet their family who is living in Canada for years have to apply for a one year medical insurance policy from super visa.

The parents of the Canadian families living in other countries got eligible to meet their families and live with them for few months, as the permit is not given for permanent basis.

Let Us Discuss About The Requirements Of Super Visa Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is compulsory and you have to provide proof that you have bought Canadian medical insurance for at least one year. All the insurance policies related to health and cover at least $100,000 as a minimum amount of the insurance policy. The medical policy also provides coverage for hospitalization, repatriation and health care. The policy is valid if purchased from Canadian insurance and is available for reviewing by port of entry officers.

What Can Be Done If You Cannot Pay The Full Amount Of Medical Insurance In Advance

Paying the amount in full instalments at the same time is a good option but for that, you need to have the assured amount available to you. In case you are not having much, of funds, you can pay half amount in the starting and then you can opt for paying the other half later in the year before the arrival date. Monthly payment is much better option, it will not burden you up and make it easy for you to manage your affairs too.

Refunding In Case Of Refusal Of Super Visa

  • Yes, the money is refunded back that you have invested up on the medical insurance in case the officers will deny issuing Super Visa.
  • Medical insurance policy from super visa provide proof that you have bought Canadian medical insurance for at least one year and cover at least 100000$.