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Posted by maxxlife on February 14,2018

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Super Visa Insurance Basics : Don’t Go Without Coverage

Canada is a great place to live and visit, but in order to stay here for any amount of time, you’ll need to prepare.

Canada’s healthcare system is among the best in the world. While Canadian citizens and permanent residents have access to life-saving healthcare thanks to a long-established system already in place, visitors have no such coverage.

You don’t want to be without coverage; in fact, you could be refused entry at the border if you don’t have adequate insurance. Health care in Canada is not free for everyone; Canadian government health insurance plans don’t cover “a tourist, a transient or a visitor to the province,” per the Canadian government’s website. If you get into a situation that requires you to be treated at a hospital or need to visit a doctor during your stay in Canada, you will be billed for medical services.

Granted, a visit to a general practitioner at a walk-in clinic will likely not set you back any more than about $200. Then again, that’s $200 you could use for anything else – especially if you don’t need to spend it, right?

However, if you were, say, to have an accident while hiking or skiing with your family and break your leg, the medical bills could quickly pile up.

In order to avoid heavy medical bills and stay protected whether or not you experience a medical emergency, consult us today about Super Visa Medical insurance! In order to enter Canada under a super visa, you must have at least $100,000 in medical insurance coverage in effect prior to the issuing of the super visa.

Even if you’re staying in Canada for less than the maximum coverage period (one year at the time prior to the visa being issued), you need to have at least a year’s worth of coverage. If you are staying for longer than a year, you will need to keep  your health insurance up to date during the duration of your stay.

Yes, we understand having that extra insurance is an additional cost to an already rather expensive undertaking of an extended Canada. However, health insurance when obtaining a super visa is a necessary cost that not only eases your personal financial burden, but that of the Canadian healthcare system as well.

Navigating the world of super visa insurance is difficult, but that’s why we’re here. You can talk to a licensed insurance broker through Maxxlife Financial Inc and not only get a no obligation quote and plenty of expertise on your side, but peace of mind so you can maximize your happiness and enjoy the company of your family. Let us do the hard work for you! Click here to learn more.