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Posted by maxxlife on February 9,2018

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Super Visa Basics

Part 1: What you need

Canada is among the most welcoming countries in the world, but the True North is not without its requirements to cross the border and to stay there. In order to have your parents or grandparents come to Canada for an extended stay, you must follow the letter of the law.

Let’s talk about the Super Visa. What is it? A super visa is a long-term visa that allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens to not only enter the country multiple times as they please, but they are permitted to stay for up to two years. The visa can be renewed for a total period of 10 years.

To apply, you must be a parent or grandparent of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. You must meet entry requirements (which generally include a clean criminal background, intent to leave at the end of your stay and other factors to be covered in a future post) and other conditions.

An immigration officer has multiple factors to consider when it comes to issuing a super visa. An officer looks for significant ties to your home country; this includes owning or renting property, having a job in your home country, having most of your family live in your home country and so forth. The purpose of your visit must not be anything beyond visiting your relatives.

Your financial situation must be in order; your child or grandchild must meet a minimum income threshold in order and they must be willing to support you. Along with the application, you must get a letter of invitation from your Canadian host.

Lastly, you must have an immigration medical exam and at least one year of valid Canadian medical insurance for super visa. Insurance can be an overwhelming thing – what do you need? What are the costs? What kind of coverage is best for my needs?

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Additionally, the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship branch of the Canadian Government is a helpful resource regarding all things immigration. They can be found online at