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Posted by maxxlife on May 26,2016

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Important Details Concerning The Super Visa Insurance


At one point or the other way have all traveled. Traveling is one of the most thrilling adventures yet it can be also be risky. Some countries have made it mandatory that those traveling within that country or even visiting should have an insurance plan. Canada is one of those countries. Canada has included a mandatory requirement of having an insurance plan from any insurance firm within the country. The Canadian requirement is that any traveler or visitor should have a super visa plan. A Canadian super visa plan is broad since it covers issues like traveling risk and medication costs in cases of emergency or unexpected occurrences.

About super visa

This Super Visa Insurance was launched in 2011 and is available to both permanent and temporary residents of Canada. Those on a temporary visit are allowed for a maximum of two years before their plan expires.  An average super visa will cover about $100,000 for a one-year plan. The main advantage of the super visa is that it has multiple entries so it can be used by those who visit Canada frequently. The super visa could also be valid for up to ten years thus reducing the need for constant renewals. For parents visiting their kids then they must provide a written statement from their kid accepting to support them financially.

Types of super visa plans

The choice of a super visa plan will mostly depend on the preferences of the client. However, there are three main plans which are available for selection.

  • Plan A – this plan usually offers coverage to other risks but excludes any pre-existing medical conditions. The pre-existing conditions could either be diagnosed or un-diagnosed, but they are not covered by the plan. It’s usually a short-term plan.
  • Plan B – this plan is broader than the plan A since it offers an avenue for covering those medical conditions that are pre-existing. However, the applicants are required to fill in a questionnaire so that the details regarding their medical history could be availed and analysed. The length of the plan is also longer than the first plan.
  • Comprehensive plan – this plan is more or less a combination of the plan A and plan B. This plan is wider in nature as it covers pre-existing medical conditions which may include an annual check-up for the clients. The annual check-up would cater for all eye examinations and the infamous AD and D vaccinations.

Application requirements

For one to be able to have full access to the super visa program, they must fulfil the below-stated conditions:

  • The clients need to provide documents that will validate their residence in Canada, and this may include driving license and social security numbers.
  • Bank statements and insurance claim copies need to be attached for the application to go through.
  • Travel documents, identity cards or passports are also needed so that the identity of the client could be proved.
  • The applicants would also have to pay application charges.
  • For those visiting their relatives or friends in Canada an invitation is required.
  • A medical examination is also another requirement for those filling the application form of the super visa.
  • Permanent Canadian residents would need to meet the minimum income requirement. The minimum income requirement has been set depending on the size of the family.

In the recent years, the application charges have been reduced so that these charges are affordable to almost everyone who wishes to travel or stay in Canada. In normal conditions, it will take about eight weeks before the super visa application is processed and issued.

There are several types of super visa medical insurance plans which could be offered, and these include the Manulife, TIC, GMS, 21st century, travel underwriters, Travelance, Travel shield and Acceptus travel insured medical super visa.

Key Points to look for

Finding the right super visa medical insurance amongst many can be an issue as a simple search will turn up many results and filtering out the good one can be an issue.  We list a few tips one should look for when searching for a Canadian Super Visa.

  • Offers refund of the full amount to the applicants if their visa application is rejected.
  • Offers affordable basic plans which could also be paid on an annual basis.
  • Provides extra deductions through travel accidents coverage, trip interruptions, hospitalization costs and manageable savings
  • Receive the documentation in good time
  • Make sure the insurance company is fully license to issue a Super Visa Medical Insurance.

Most people traveling to Canada for the first time are usually shocked by the requirements or the demand of a super visa. Lack of information is what makes most people get confused in the choice of a super visa plan.

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