• How is Snowbird Travel Insurance different from other travel insurance?
    Snowbird travel insurance is specific coverage for ages 55 and older. Insurance companies know this is a very competitive market and have designed specific policies for seniors that have additional benefits not offered in their other travel insurance policies.
  • Why should I use a broker to buy travel insurance?

    Insurance brokers are unbiased insurance professional that can shop with multiple insurance companies saving you time and money. When buying insurance directly from an insurance company you are only buying their policy without shopping for the best policy at the best price. Using a broker does not cost you a cent since you will pay exactly the same rate regardless of the channel you use to purchase your insurance coverage. If you buy insurance from a travel agent, bank teller, credit union or tour operator you are getting advice from a non-licensed insurance professional.

  • Is travel insurance mandatory?

    Buying travel insurance is a wise investment. Countries like Cuba, Ukraine and many other European countries have made it mandatory to travel to their country. In addition many tour operators and resorts have also made it mandatory to buy emergency medical travel insurance. The trend is more and more countries are making emergency medical travel insurance mandatory. The last thing one needs on their trip is being denied entry for not buying mandatory emergency medical travel insurance.

  • Who’s eligible to apply for travel insurance?

    Anyone can apply for travel insurance. Some insurance policies are more liberal, others have more conditions, please refer to eligibility requirements of the policy being applied for.

  • Why do I need travel insurance to travel outside Canada?

    Traveling without travel insurance can be costly a recent claim on a travel policy set a record of over one million dollars. Purchasing travel insurance is a bargain compared to what a medical emergency costs. A stay in a U.S. hospital can easily run $5,000 a day not including emergency transportation to get you back to Canada. Unless you are prepared to pay for these costly medical emergencies out of pocket buying a travel insurance policy is a wise investment.

  • Why do I need travel insurance to travel outside my province/territory?
    Your Provincial/Territorial Healthcare Insurance Plan will not cover all out-of-province medical costs such as incidental hospital room charges, medical appliance rentals, ambulance charges and other medical expenses when traveling within Canada. You will have to pay for any medical emergencies yourself and file a claim with your Provincial/Territorial Healthcare Insurance Plan for your expenses, not all your expenses will be covered.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Overall $5000000 maximum limit and covered areas worldwide and within Canada
  • Multi Trips Annual plan and deductible options
  • Pre-Existing medical Coverage Subject to stability period of 90-365 days prior to departure
  • Reasonable and customary costs (semi-private room) for Hospital Accommodation
  • Reasonable and customary costs for physician and ambulance
  • Prescription Drugs for 30-day supply (limit does not apply when hospitalized)
  • Dental Accident $2000 and dental pain $350.
  • Emergency Transportation – Air ambulance or economy airfare to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to the home province or territory.
  • $300 per profession for chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath, podiatrist, or physiotherapist.